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Using the Actions SDK to Develop for the Google Assistant


In today’s post I’m going to show how to develop a simple app for the Google Assistant. For developing this app, I will be using the Actions SDK. My next post will use Dialogflow (formerly instead. After reading both posts you hopefully will know enough to decide which approach is better suited for you. […]  Continue Reading  “Using the Actions SDK to Develop for the Google Assistant”

A Primer on Cloud Functions for Firebase


Since I am going to use Cloud Functions For Firebase a bit more in coming posts on this blog, I am going to give a very brief overview of how you can use and test them. What are Cloud Functions for Firebase Cloud Functions is a node.js based offering where you can expose stateless services. […]  Continue Reading  “A Primer on Cloud Functions for Firebase”

Quick Intro Into Actions on Google


Google Home will finally be available in Germany on August, 8th and in France this week. I’m not aware of more announcements for other countries, but I hope and assume that availability will increase to many more countries as soon as possible.1) For me, though, getting my AIY kit was the day, I started getting […]  Continue Reading  “Quick Intro Into Actions on Google”

Android Things: Remote Controlled Car – What’s Coming Up


Being an Android Developer, Google’s announcement of Android Things immediately piqued my interest. As all the others I started out with buying one of the developer kits and then making some lights blink. Nice. But, well, if I have to be honest with myself, that was fun but actually of only limited use 🙂  Then […]  Continue Reading  “Android Things: Remote Controlled Car – What’s Coming Up”