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Creating Kotlin DSLs


Kotlin has many nice things going for it – be it null safety, data classes, extension functions, immutable collections or many other things. For me one additional thing is very interesting: The ability to create domain specific languages (DSLs) easily. Easily, because creating a DSL with Kotlin means that you simply choose to combine several […]  Continue Reading  “Creating Kotlin DSLs”

Those “mobile apps are doomed” headlines? They are wrong!


So lately there are a lot of headlines appearing that say “Businesses Moving To Chatbots, AI; Away From Mobile Apps”, “The Rise of Chatbots – Why they’ll replace All Your Apps!” or “How Bots Will Completely Kill Websites and Mobile Apps”. First of all: Look at where those headlines appear. Some of these websites – […]  Continue Reading  “Those “mobile apps are doomed” headlines? They are wrong!”