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Grokking Android provides you with new stuff about developing for Android on a regular basis. You can learn the basics about Android in the tutorial section or simply follow the blog in which I will dig deeper into details. You might also wish to subscribe to my newsletter in which I will keep you updated and informed with content on its own.

I am a long time Java developer who has started Android development in late 2010. As such I stumble about pecularities or missing documentation at least as much as you probably do. By digging into these issues I try to find solutions for these problems and post them on this blog. That way you profit from my mistakes and blunders 🙂

Since I am from Germany you will stumble about mistakes in English from time to time. Please bear with me – I hope they do not distract from the content. You can help by informing me about any mistakes I make.

If you miss any content, have questions or want to contribute in any way, just drop me a note.

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