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Why use Observable.create() and not just inherit from Observable?


When starting to use RxJava you have to create Observables. They are at the very core of RxJava. But how to do so? A look at the Observable class might make you dizzy. Looking at the source even more so. Not only does this beast consist of nearly 10.000 lines (though, 7600 lines of that […]  Continue Reading  “Why use Observable.create() and not just inherit from Observable?”

Weird error message in Android’s MergeCursor


For an app I am working on I needed a MergeCursor to use search in a meaningful way. I needed to use two combine two cursors from different sources and I was going to merge them. The only major difference between the code for both cursors was the projection map I used to transform the […]  Continue Reading  “Weird error message in Android’s MergeCursor”