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  1. Joost says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! This really made my day!

    I still wonder why it was disabled to register a Google account the normal way. It was possible in earlier SDK versions. One could even access the market like on a regular phone!
    Using the emulator to debug and test apps that use PIM data is almost impossible without a Google Account registration!

    (Makes me wonder if they simply forgot about this workaround :-) )

    • Glad, I could be of help. Are you sure about the market? I’m using the emulator for two years now and I think I have never seen it.

      • Joost says:

        Yes, I am sure. When I first started with the Android SDK I was using Cupcake 1.5. (must have been SDK 3 or 4). I just bought a Samsung Galaxy i7500 and used the SPare Parts app on my phone. I then wanted to try some of those features on the emulator and installed it simply using the market after simply registering the emulator with my Google account, just like I did with my actual phone.
        I cannot find the original SDK 3 or 4 anymore. Simply setting up an emulator targeting those SDK’s won’t work :-(

        (PS., Sorry for my late response)

      • Tabish says:

        I don’t have the “Accounts & sync” option under the Settings menu.
        I have an “Add Account” option under “Accounts”, but it doesn’t works. Nothing happens when I tap on it.

        I am using the latest ADT Bundle SDK.

        Are there any other options to add my Google account to my emulator?
        thnx in advance

  2. Thanks 10^6!!! I can’t believe how long it took to find this article. There are dozens, perhaps hundreds of posts all over the net asking this question and not one of them contains the complete and straightforward information presented here. How you ever figured this out is beyond me, but I’m glad you did.

    This also seems to work with much earlier version of Android and you don’t have to install the Google APIs. Why doesn’t Google support their own bloody system?

  3. Nandagopal T says:

    Hi, Thanks a lot. It worked charm.

  4. Beni says:

    I don’t have the “Accounts & sync” option under the Settings menu.
    I have an “Add Account” option under “Accounts”, but it doesn’t works. Nothing happens when I tap on it.

    I am using the latest ADT Bundle SDK.

    Are there any other options to add my Google account to my emulator?

    • Tabish says:

      hi beni, i m also going through a same issue as of your’s.did you find any solution to this..if any.? kindly help me out.

  5. Gunasekar says:

    Thanks a lot.. m.google.com is useful information.. now i am able to access my gmail account in AVD emulator

  6. Nisar Khan says:

    Thanks, and Bundle of thanks…….
    Your tutorial was very helpful and I solve my problem after 4 days because of your good work… Thanks again, Nice work.

  7. Anne says:

    I’ve followed the steps above to try and sync my gmail calendar on my ICS emulator in Eclipse. I see my gmail account in Accounts and Sync – Sync is ON but when I open up the Calendar in my emulator, I cannot see my gmail calendar. Neither can I add events as there is no calendar on the emulator.
    My emulator is set up for Android 4.0 API 14

    Any ideas please?

  8. Anne says:

    Update to my previous. After a restart of my emulator (classic), I can now see my gmail account in the ‘Calendars to display’ and I can add an event on my emulator yay! BUT, how come events are not synced between my emulator calendar app and my gmail calendar? If I’m not mistaken, I thought they were meant to sync?

  9. V says:

    I was able to get this to work a month or so ago on an enulator running API 15, but I’ve been trying for the last couple of days on emulators running on API 16 without any luck at all. I get either of the foolowing error messages:

    1) If I use “myaddr@googlemail.com”, I get the error message: “Username or password incorrect”
    2) If I use “myaddr@gmail.com”, I get the error message: “You don’t have permission to sync with this server. Contact your server’s administrator for more information.”

    Any ideas what could be going wrong here? Is there a different way to approach this? I really need to get my contacts into the emulator for testing purposes!

    By the way, in the API 16 version, there is a new “Port” field which is set to 443 by default (when SSL is checking).

  10. Nisar Khan says:

    Hi, Every one … I am trying to send automatic email from my application with out UI… Can you help me in that…. I find lot of code Javamail but that not works here…. i am using emulator 4.0…

  11. Mikael says:

    Adding a Google Account on your emulator will work with the following emulator setup.
    Eclipse > Window > Android Virtual Device Manager
    In the device manager click “new”
    Insert the name of the device you will be creating. Ex. Nexus-4-18-Google-API
    In the device dropdown select: Nexus 4
    In the target dropdown select: Google API’s (Google inc.) – API level 18
    Click “OK” to create de emulator.

    If this option is nog available in the target dropdown you’ll need to add it in the “Android SDK manager”
    Eclipse > Window > Android SDK Manager
    Select “Google” APIs under “Android 4.3 (API 18)”
    Install package
    Now the “Google API’s (Google inc.) – API level 18″ option should be available in the target dropdown.

    Once you’ve started the emulater go to:
    Settings > Accounts > add Account > Google
    Enter your Google credentials and your done!

  12. Rushik Sutariya says:

    hello sir,

    Suppose I am creating one data-tabel in mysql database and than in this table I am entering some data like dates (Event date) so this events are binding in to calendar it is possible??

  13. hari krishna says:

    These are my screens

    corporate ->
    account setup ->
    manual setup ->
    exchange ->
    account setup -> uname, pass, server,port,security type,clint cer, dev id

    here port no: 443(defaultly coming).

    here after clicking next saying could not open connection.

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